What's up, Doug?

Crazy Evil Dude:
[In retrospect of playing a Bugs Bunny type character in the play “The Secret Life of Cartoons…] What do you think of the re-vamped, futuristic Loony Toons?

Doug Bradley:
Well, this is difficult. Bugs is a life-long hero. He’d be seated at my ideal dinner party with William Blake, Jean Cocteau and John Lennon among others, so they’re treading on sacred ground.

My first reaction is to ask: why? And I suppose the answer is: why not? We’re going to touch on this again in these answers, but it’s hard to avoid the feeling that there’s a paucity of original imagination and creation out there if we have to keep re-heating yesterday’s leftovers. I’ll tread the safe path, I suppose and say I’ll wait to judge the finished item. And, after all, no matter how bad or good this may be the perfection of the original and the genius of Jones, Blanc et al will still be there.


Doug as a bunny in The Secret Life of Cartoons

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