Hollywood remakes

Crazy Evil Dude:
What do you think about Hollywoods current habit of saturating the cinemas with low standard, high budget remakes of old horror movies, whilst there is a large number of small budget original horror gems that just go straight to video?

Doug Bradley:
My basic feeling about remakes is…don’t. Has there been a good one? Psycho, Texas Chainsaw Massacre to name just two – both pale shadows of the originals. (Heckle me if I’m missing something) With Frankenstein and Dracula, I think we have a different situation, because the process has been about new interpretations of classic characters, rather in the way theatre re-visits classic texts such as Shakespeare. Having said that, Kenneth Branagh’s Mary Shelley’s gardener’s neice’s Frankenstein would be on my shortlist for most laughably bad horror film of all time and Coppola’s Dracula wasn’t much better.

We now also have this mania for remaking Japanese horror films badly. It’s as though Hollywood doesn’t believe something actually exists properly until it’s been made by them. And as you say, the whole time there are original gems going begging, either down the straight to video route, or stuck forever in the funding maze. I was going to make a joke about repainting the Sistine Chapel or the Mona Lisa, but Vegas has probably already done it.


Doug showing his appreciation for remakes

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