Your fondest acting memory

Shaggy PA:
As an actor, what is your fondest memory in your acting experience?

Doug Bradley:

I’ve thought carefully about this, Shaggy and the honest answer is that there is no single moment. Instead there’s a flood of moments. On stage: those first nights that hang together on a wing and a prayer; the perfectly timed laugh; the pause held a fraction longer than you thought you could get away with; those moments when as an ensemble, you and your fellow actors seem to be acting and thinking as one. On screen: many similar moments, I suppose, but on set for me it’s very often associated with a sudden intensity of atmosphere that takes over.

In the Hellraiser films, there have been many such moments: the torture room scenes in the first two films with the hooks and chains swinging from side to side; although I was not in the shot, the rigging up of Andy Robinson before he got torn apart was an extraordinary moment; the ‘Audience of Death’ scene in Hell On Earth ( the ‘razors through flesh’ scene – brilliant writing, brilliant design and some adequate acting all coming together); and the confrontation with the twin security guards and the ‘family man’ confrontation with Merchant in Bloodline jump to mind.

Basically, it’s about feeling that it’s all come together in that moment exactly as you hoped. Job done. It’s about satisfaction, I suppose.

An audience of Death in
Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

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