The killer wig

ElliottsGirl (Laura):
[About Killer Tongue…] I want to know anything about the wig. What was it like to wear the wig? Did you ever make friends with it, did you and Robert Englund chat about it, how did you feel about having to wear it, how did you get cast and dare I ask if the part was written for you?

Doug Bradley:

I laughed when I read this one, Laura. The part (Wig) was not written for me. I received a letter and a script in the post from Chris Figg (producer of Hellraiser, Hellbound, and Nightbreed) asking me to consider the part and come in to meet Alberto Sciamma, the writer and director. The script was so far off the wall, I didn’t know how to respond. But the more I read it, and the further off the wall it bounced, the more I knew I wanted to do it. I liked Alberto a lot, and discovering that Robert was going to do it was the clincher.

Alberto and I talked about the wig a lot. I can’t remember whether this ever got into the film, but we had a glass display case over my bunk with an array of wigs of different sizes with dates underneath each one, the idea being that I had measured out my time on the chain gang by the growth of my bald spot. Trying to get the damn thing to fall off on cue when I fell off the pole was a nightmare, I recall. And Robert’s line to me in the confessional at the end about preferring the natural look was ad-libbed between us, I think: the idea being it was the Chief Screw telling Wig he preferred him without the rug, but also Robert observing to Doug that it was good to see him without the latex. Aahh.
I have the best fun in Q&As outlining the plot for people not familiar with the movie. Weird film: good times.

Doug Bradley as 'Wig' in The Killer Tongue.

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