Hellraiser and S&M

The image of Hellraiser is very much set by the hooks, the chains, the leather outfits and the balance between pain and pleasure. In the booklet of the recently released Hellraiser boxset Clive Barker mentions that one of his inspirational sources were his visits to S&M clubs in New York and Amsterdam. Have people ever associated you personally with the S&M scene and what are your views towards the association of S&M and Hellraiser?

Doug Bradley:

Well, we all like a bit of slap and tickle, don't we? I'm not personally into S or M, and I've always rather found the whole leather, rubber, vinyl, face masks and whips thing faintly ludicrous. It's what High Court Judges get up to at the weekend, isn't it? But within the law and between consenting adults…whatever gets you through the night. It was (once more) Clive's genius to take the look of that whole scene and transform it into something else, though I actually think most of the inspiration for the Cenobites was lurking in his head long before he encountered Club Fuck or whatever it may have been.

When he and I were at Dragoncon in Atlanta a few year's back, we did get invited to a soiree at which the entertainment involved people being hung from the ceiling by hooks. Intense and fascinating. It was a little odd chatting to the participants later: they practically naked with blood running from their wounds.

Hellraiser is a great deal about sado masochistic sexuality, both in the text and the subtext, so the association is obvious. Sometimes I run across the assumption that I must be heavily into it all myself, but for the most part people see the distance between the character and the actor.

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