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Doug Bradley's Spine Chillers

"It's time to announce The Outsider.

To begin at the beginning: Since the turn of the year, I am a director of a new production company based in Brighton, called Renegade Arts Entertainment Ltd. Renegade will to a large extent carry forward the work of Renga Media, and Tony Luke is also a director. Joining us is producer and director Alexander Finbow. Dominator X, which fell foul of the 'English Disease' (financing and production nightmares which are still unravelling) last year, is now to be taken forward by Renegade.

In the meantime, we are proceeding on a number of fronts, and we have produced what is planned to be the first in ongoing series which we're calling 'Doug Bradley's Spine Chillers' and the first of these is now available. It's H P Lovecraft's short story The Outsider. At the moment we're making it available as a download. You can check out a free preview or pay for the whole thing:

It started life as a half-baked idea from me which popped into my head while recording Mr B Gone and was essentially no more than the feeling that the 'talking book' hadn't moved forward since the days of the cassette tape and that it really should be possible to offer more in the digital age. And it sprang from that to a finished product in pretty short order. Through the good offices of Digital Deli it was recently screened at BAFTA and I was delighted by the response.

We will soon be making it available in hard copy and will present it in multiple platforms, the idea being you could play it as a DVD, mount it on your PC/iPod/phone in audio-visual form or listen to it as a good old audio book in the car on your way to work.

When Renegade's present project is finished - the video to accompany a track from Judas Priest's new album 'Nostradamus', we will commence work on the second Spine Chiller which is slated to be Edgar Allen Poe's 'The Tell Tale Heart'. If the series takes off, I hope to expand it to use other actors and contemporary and unsigned authors."

[Doug Bradley, 23 May 2008]

Watch the trailer for Doug's new movie
'The Cottage' - in UK theatres March 14th!

Official movie website -

Go behind the scenes of Hellraiser: Deader
with 'pathetic' makeup artist Gary Tunnicliffe!

Also be sure to check out Doug at about 23 minutes in.

Doug Bradley and Lance Henriksen in Pumpkinhead 3

"Here's the thing - tomorrow morning, I fly to Romania to star in Pumpkinhead 3: Ashes To Ashes. And no, I'm not playing another Head beginning with P. I play Doc Fraser, a respected small town doctor and coroner who's been playing a little fast and loose with the corpses at the crematorium. [...] I can tell you Gary Tunnicliffe is fronting the SFX and it's being directed by Jake 'Evil Aliens' West who I met at the Luxembourg Film Festival last November." Full story

Doug plays an alien-possesed fortune teller in Doctor Who

I'm going to be in Doctor Who. Whoa... back. Not the TV. I've been sent a script by a small audio production company called Big Finish. They make sci-fi dramas including 'feature-length' Doctor Whos - fully licensed by BBC Worldwide. I heard one a while ago with Peter Davison and was very, very impressed by it. The piece is called Pier Pressure, written by Robert Ross (No relation to Oscar's friend as far as I'm aware), and I will be playing the villain opposite Colin Baker's Doctor. My character is Talbot, a clapped-out end-of-pier fortune teller who has become a conduit for an invading alien evil... Full story

Fan movie: The nightmare ends on Halloween

After losing to Jason, Freddy tries to convince Michael Myers to do his dirty work and kill the children of Elm St. But when Michael refuses to go along with Freddy's plan all hell breaks loose as they battle to the death. Who else to make a big entrance at the end, but Pinhead himself! Watch this movie online.

Exclusive - free full 20-minute download of Renga Media's Archangel Thunderbird

Broadcast by the Sci-Fi Channel in 1998 to unexpectedly high ratings, Archangel Thunderbird stars Doug Bradley among others. An experiment in merging live-action with stop-motion animation and 'pop' graphics, Archangel Thunderbird was an attempt to use the desktop facilities of the day to create something a little different to the mainstream; we present it here for you, warts and all, in all its weird glory..! Our biggest thanks goes out to Tony Luke and the Renga Media team for making this movie available for all the fans! Also see the pictures in our Gallery.

Doug Bradley answers questions by fans

We recently gathered questions from everyone in the forum and compiled them all into one big interview. Click the fan questions button above to view the first four answers. More questions and answers will follow in time, so check back often!

Hellraiser: Deader trailer and Hellworld preview!

On your left you'll find one of this site's hidden puzzle boxes. Click this box and check out the BRAND NEW Hellraiser: Deader trailer and Hellraiser: Hellworld preview! A big thank you to Revelations for pointing us to the trailer.

Doug Bradley receives Career Award in Portugal

Prestigious Horror Film Festival Fantasporto has presented Doug Bradley with a Career Award in Portugal. Congratulations Doug! Check out some photos from the event here thanks to our friend José Leitão (AKA antipax). The awards event will be televised in Portugal at a later date (TBC).

Our hero is in good company too - the full list of Career Award recipients this year is:
GNR (Rock/Pop Group) PORTUGAL

New Hellraiser and Prophecy movies DVD release dates!

Lance Henriksen (Aliens, Millennium) and Doug Bradley in Hellraiser: Hellworld Lance Henriksen (Aliens, Millennium) and Doug Bradley in Hellraiser: Hellworld Lance Henriksen (Aliens, Millennium) and Doug Bradley in Hellraiser: Hellworld
Lance Henriksen (Aliens, Millennium) and Doug Bradley in Hellraiser: Hellworld

Amazon has these eagerly awaited titles available for pre-order on Region 1 DVD. Dimension Films has yet to confirm the releases of these sequels from its dusty shelves (all three movies were wrapped in 2002/2003) but coverage in the trade press appears to support the following dates:
  • Hellraiser: Deader - 7 June 2005
  • [ pre-order ]
  • Hellraiser: Hellworld - 6 September 2005
  • [ pre-order ]
  • Prophecy: Uprising - 7 June 2005
  • [ pre-order ]
The releases are part of a rush-release of Dimension's catalogue prior to the company's split with parent label Disney/Buena Vista. Bob and Harvey Weinstein will reportedly retain the Dimension brand - although the future of the HELLRAISER and other horror franchises is uncertain at present.
Join the countdown to these exciting DVD releases on our Message Boards!

Signed copies of "Behind the Mask of the Horror Actor" available!

Doug gives his own unique and personal guide to cinema monsters and the men who portray them, including legends Lon Chaney and Boris Karloff, and unforgettable creatures like The Wolf Man, Frankenstein's Monster and The Phantom of the Opera. He also examines the many roles the mask has played throughout time, and the physical rigours that actors who play monsters must endure.

Coming up to date, he meets the actors behind modern-day monsters Leatherface, Freddy Krueger and Jason. Plus, of course, Bradley recounts the making of the Hellraiser movies in detail, revealing just what it's like to actually be the man behind the mask...
Signed copies of the books are available in our store.
Unsigned copies are available through and

Doug Bradley appears on the new Cradle Of Filth album

Midian Doug Bradley has a reprise role as narrator in the fantastic ‘Swansong For A Raven’ on Cradle of Filth's album: Nymphetamine. The song is the sequel to ‘Her Ghost In The Fog’ from the 2000 album: Midian.

You can listen to Doug's vocals on that previous album online. Visit the Cradle of Filth site, click downloads and then click 'Her Ghost in the Fog.mp3'.

Capt. Elliot Spencer in Hellbound: Hellraiser II

Doug Bradley signings & appearances:


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